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Updating Your Home to Sell

Should you update your home? This is a constant question that I feel like has gotten more attention with the recent pandemic.

Many of my followers, friends and clients are in the debate of whether or not to update their home either to sell or with the goal of selling in the near future (next 3-5 years). What updates are worth it? What will give your home the most value? Do you update for you or to sell?

First of all let me say if you aren’t planning to move immediately and are investing money into your home make it what YOU want. Unless it’s an extravagant, expensive, hard to reverse decision sacrificing what you want in your own home isn’t a solution. If we learned anything over the COVID-19 crazy it’s that your home is your sanctuary- make it what you love!

If you are open to suggestions or moving in the near future there are a few ‘hot button’ items that can make a big difference to home buyers in Charleston, S.C:

  • Fresh Paint
    A fresh coat of neutral paint can make a world of a difference in a home. Not only does it look appealing, it makes the home look newer, creates a blank slate for buyers to envision their own decor and even removes some stubborn odors. Don’t forget the trim and doors!
  • Updated Floors
    Old, damaged or outdated flooring is an automatic dollar sign for home buyers on the search. Whether it’s deep cleaning carpet or replacing your floors it’s worth the investment especially with so many affordable flooring options available (we love luxury vinyl plank!). If you have hardwoods give them a good refinish, focusing on high traffic areas.
  • Upgrade Lighting & Hardware
    Outdated lighting, ceiling fans and hardware (cabinet pulls, fan pulls, doorknobs) can really date a home and even make it look dirty. Purchasing some quality, modern fixtures and pulls will really take the appearance of your home up a few notches.
  • Update your Kitchens & Bathrooms
    Depending on the age of your home you may need to invest a little more. The areas to most focus on is your kitchen and your bathrooms. These rooms scream money to potential buyers and you want them to feel like they don’t HAVE to drop a ton of cash once they move in. Small updates can put buyers a little more at ease.
    • Update or refinish your cabinets
    • Remove outdated backsplashes
    • Buff and Reseal Counter Tops, Replace if needed
    • Update Appliances (a good brand that’s middle of the line is great)
    • Reglaze bathtubs/professionally clean grout and tile
    • Replace faucets, hardware, racks and rods to all match
    • Re-caulk any molded, ripped or worn seams
    • Update Toilets

A common formula used by home stagers is that every  $1 put into a house should yield an additional $1.50 increase at closing, at least. With some projects, the rate can be much higher — bathroom remodels boost sales prices by $1.71 for every $1 spent, according to Zillow. This means that a $5,000 bathroom renovation would yield a bump in home price of $8,550, perhaps more. –

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