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Top 3 Myths of Home Staging

1- Staging is only for wealthy clients.

“My house isn’t big enough to stage.” “My house isn’t valued high enough.” “It’s out of my price range.” We hear this ALL. THE. TIME.

Let’s put an end to this today. Staging isn’t just for million dollar listings. In fact, staging can be MORE beneficial to smaller homes, condos and townhomes. Staging a smaller space allows us, as professionals, to come in with an outside perspective and play up the best assets of a smaller space. Staging also is great to bring out the best in some of your home’s less favorable rooms and areas. Staging Charleston has different options and package levels for exactly what your home needs, big or small, and for every budget.

2- When you stage you have to store all your belongings.

False. There are OPTIONS that offer complete home staging which is great for vacant properties, but it is not a must to move and store all your belongings in order to stage your home. Staging Charleston specializes in using many of the items you currently own so there is also no need to spend a fortune buying new furniture.  Every situation is different and we work with our clients one-on-one to determine what type of staging and what process is best for them and their ultimate goal.

3- Staging isn’t worth the cost in this market.

False, again. Sure homes in Charleston are flying off the market. Sure we are at a record low of home inventory. But does that mean you shouldn’t aim to get the absolute MOST you can from your home? NO!

Our clients deserve the top of the top dollar for their listings and we will do everything in our power to make that happen, including staging. Staging sets the tone of a home, it opens up spaces and it allows for a clearer, unpersonalized, view of your home to potential buyers. Homes that have been staged spend between 33% and 50% less time on the market, even in today’s market! Staging also raises the value of a home. A staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged home.

Curious about staging your property? We’d love to answer your questions.