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To Sell or to Summer? You don’t have to choose!

With the fast-paced housing market in full swing in Charleston it can be daunting to figure out how to navigate a Spring/Summer schedule while your house is on the market. Whether it’s long term travel, vacations or house guests it can seem difficult to manage while trying to get your home sold.

I have a few tricks and suggestions to make this season less stressful for those with a home on the market.

If you’re planning on traveling long term while your house is on the market I would suggest packing ahead… the house that is. This market moves FAST. If you’re planning on listing your home and hitting the road for a few weeks or more, the more ahead you can be the better. For the sake of chaos and getting the best offer being ready to move is of utmost importance. Pods are a great storage source for short term solutions. Pack up anything you don’t plan to use in the next month or two (this also better allows your real estate agent to stage your home– win, win!). Have any financials and paperwork as ready as it can be. Have a designated stand in to be onsite for showings, inspections and anything additional that may arise (your agent can be a huge help with these items). Thankfully with technology closings can even easily happen remotely – you just need to make sure you have the ability to be fully out of your home from afar, or quickly upon your return as well as have the ability to make updates/changes based on negotiations and the inspection.  

If you’re planning a regular weekend or weeklong vacation you’re pretty safe to go and enjoy. I highly suggest leaving your home completely show ready and staged. If you are going on a cruise or somewhere where you don’t have full access to the internet and/or a computer arrange for someone to be the point of contact for all communication and allow them access to your files/documents in case the need arises. It is important for you to have access at least once a day to this person or your phone/email in order to consult on any offers that may come in.

If you’re planning on being the host/hostess with the mostest it really depends on the length of your guests’ stay and who the guests are. If it’s close family or friends just explain to them showings may happen spur or the moment and encourage them to keep their guest rooms tidy, having a space in the closet where bags and suitcases can be tucked away is also a good idea. Cleaning up routinely after activities, meals, etc is helpful so there isn’t so much to do in a hurry if a showing does arise. If it’s a big group or not so understanding house guests let your agent know when they will be there and they can easily pause showings during that time. Not ideal, but sometimes less stress is worth it and we don’t want to waste a showing if your home isn’t show ready.

Overall ENJOY YOUR SEASON! Everyone deserves to relax, get away and spend time with those they love. Selling your house in the process doesn’t have to be a hindrance to your fun. Need a great agent to navigate the season and have your back? I’d love to chat!