The Brick Ranch Fixer Upper

After ripping up all the nasty green carpet and then tearing out tile in the kitchen, we had hardwoods installed throughout the house! To do this, we had to remove all the kitchen cabinets and put them in the garage. That was a pain. Fo Sho.

Of course the fun part about ripping out cabinets and errrything was we found this run brick chimney hidden behind sheet-rock! And of course, we took it down to the studs, and added updated electrical and insulation.

A really inexpensive option when you are stuck with light brown builder grade cabinets is to just paint them. You will still have the basic builder grade blah cabinet, but it at least looks a little cleaner.

Here, I have a member of my design and renovation team do this part only because at this point, the hubs was OVER it. He sprayed the cabinets white and it automatically looked sooo much better!!!

After this, we picked new counter tops and installed a clean looking backsplash, but I will save this for the next blog post!

-Making all your dreams come true!