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Spooky Season: Time to Spruce Up

It’s almost time for the fall season which means it’s a great time to head back outside and touch up your curb appeal. Honestly, whether your home is on the market in Charleston, about to be on the market, potentially going to be on the market or you have no plans of selling updating your […]

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By Audra Walters

Staging Matters. (Period.)

We always preach the importance of staging, whether you hire professionals, like Staging Charleston, or you DIY. It matters! This home was listed by TWO prior agencies who didn’t appropriately guide the clients on staging. After the clients had no success with the two other agencies I got a call to list this townhouse. On […]

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By Audra Walters

Staged: $11.8 Million Dollar Beach House

Staging Charleston is proud to share one of our latest completed projects 1751 Atlantic Ave, Sullivans Island. Staging this new construction home on Sullivan’s Island was a dream come true. From the exquisite details of architecture to the breathtaking views this new construction home was a stager’s ideal blank canvas. Our team put in some […]

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By Audra Walters

Staged & Sold, No Better Pairing.

While we often talk about our partner company Charleston Staging, and we are always working to educate and support you in the Charleston Real Estate Industry through Front Porch Properties we rarely discuss how their forces combine for our clients. While Charleston Staging does many staging projects for individuals and fellow real estate agents throughout […]

By Audra Walters

Spring Cleaning, Step One to Listing Your Home.

If you’ve been considering listing your home for sale in Charleston, S.C. Spring is a great motivating factor. Why? SPRING CLEANING, of course. In Spring home owners not only clean unmentioned and forgotten about services (cue light switches and base boards), but attention is also paid to outside the home making it the perfect clean […]

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Absent Appraisers?

In a nutshell the appraisal of a home determines the approval of the buyer’s loan amount. The buyer’s mortgage lender uses the appraisal to determine if the house is worth the amount of money that the buyer wants to borrow to buy it.  If you’re hearing a buzz about appraisers dragging their feet it’s not […]

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By Audra Walters

Looking back on 2020- Front Porch Properties

HAPPY NEW YEAR!While 2021 may not be off to the ideal start Front Porch Properties and Staging Charleston still hopes you are feeling rejuvenated and optimistic for the year ahead. 2020 was a complicated year for so many, and in so many ways, but as we look back on what it brought to us as […]

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Hello From Staging Charleston

A lot of what I discuss and share is focused on the real estate world in terms of buying, selling and listing a Charleston home. I wanted to take a few minutes today to touch on the home staging part of my business: Staging Charleston. What is home staging? Who needs their homes staged? What […]

By Audra Walters

Decor for the New Decade: Is Your Home On Trend?

It’s a new decade, and almost a new season (Hello Spring!) is your home, or home taste, on trend? Good Housekeeping has launched their ‘Top 15 Decor Trends for 2020’ and we are feeling the new vibes. We love seeing how our Charleston clients decorate their new homes and can’t wait to see more of […]

By Audra Walters

How to Spruce Up Before Spring Selling

Spring is in the air and the selling season is beginning. Before you decide to put your house on the market there are a few simple projects you can do that can make a BIG impact on your appeal to homebuyers in the Charleston area. Curb Appeal: Your yard and entryway is the first thing […]