Spring Cleaning, Step One to Listing Your Home.

If you’ve been considering listing your home for sale in Charleston, S.C. Spring is a great motivating factor.

Why? SPRING CLEANING, of course.

In Spring home owners not only clean unmentioned and forgotten about services (cue light switches and base boards), but attention is also paid to outside the home making it the perfect clean slate to list your home in today’s sellers market.

What should you pay attention to while Spring Cleaning to get your Lowcountry home ready to sell?

  • Pressure wash your drives, sidewalks and house
  • Clear cobwebs from corners, outside and in, and don’t forget the garage
  • Wash and clean up all windows
  • Scrub baseboards, light switch panels, door knobs and doors
  • Declutter dressers, shelves and countertops
  • Clean the inside of your fridge and appliances
  • Remove dead landscaping and debris such as leaves & sticks
  • Steam Clean carpets & rugs and steam mop hard surface floors
  • Deep clean ALL BATHROOMS, re-caulk if needed, re-glaze if needed, Steam all grout in tile or re-grout

Even better a clean and decluttered home is a great place to start for staging. Staging Charleston provides professional staging and design services to help showcase your home for potential buyers. Multiple studies have proven that staged homes sell faster (between 33% and 50% less time on the market) and for more money. 

Staging Charleston specializes in using many of the items you currently own so there is no need to spend a fortune buying new furniture. We have solutions that will help each room, whether that is by using our furniture in our warehouse or re-purposing pieces from another area of your home. We will ensure your home is staged to perfection.

Curious what your home is worth and if staging can help? Get on that Spring Cleaning and give us a call for a home evaluation and Staging Consultation.