Front Porch Properties SC Audra Walters

Spooky Season: Time to Spruce Up

It’s almost time for the fall season which means it’s a great time to head back outside and touch up your curb appeal. Honestly, whether your home is on the market in Charleston, about to be on the market, potentially going to be on the market or you have no plans of selling updating your curb appeal is always a great idea!

Usually we’re all organizing, doing a little deep cleaning and prepping for the holiday seasons this time of year so why not add in a little curb spruce up as well? Here are a few ideas from Front Porch Properties to kick up your lowcountry curb appeal this season.

  • Pressure wash
     The summer comes with humidity and humidity comes with mold. Not to mention the rain we’ve had brings in its own grime and gunk. Get those walkways, door ways and your home’s exterior sparkly clean.
  • Paint
    No, we don’t mean your whole home. If your front door has some knicks and scratches or your door frame, shutters or window frames needs a refresh it’s the perfect time to get out that paint brush and do some touch ups.
  • Replant
    Are your spring time flowers at the front door no longer happy and bright? Do you have some empty pots sitting with dirt and good intentions? It’s time to get them out of there. If you’ve got a green thumb and want to replant with some fall foliage go for it, or if not perhaps you plant some artificial options for the cooler months or just get the pots tucked away in the garage. Either way an empty pot or dead plant doesn’t do your home any justice.
  • Mulch/Pine Needle
    It is amazing how much some fresh mulch or pine needle or even gravel does for a landscape’s curb appeal. Refreshing areas, especially those that are dead front or walkway related, can make a huge impact on a buyer’s curb appeal. Let’s also add in pulling weeds to this fun option. Bonus, it’s getting cooler outside and you won’t be putting down mulch in 100 degrees!

These few tasks will give you a great head start on curb appeal for whatever your reason may be (maybe you just want to impress the neighbors!). We wish everyone a happy fall season and are here if you need any help with your real estate needs in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville and beyond!