Selling your home? Let’s take spring cleaning to the next level.

There are only 47 days left until SPRING! Can you believe it? Just head to your favorite store and you’ll be smacked in the face by everything Easter, it’s crazy, but it’s the world we live in.

With spring fever everywhere you may be starting to think about your spring cleaning to-dos. If you’re also considering selling your home in the near future there’s a few items I’d suggest adding to your list to make listing your home a much less stressful process.

If you’re diving into the trenches may as well kill two birds with one stone, right?!

  • Take the time to declutter.
    This doesn’t just mean moving stuff from one counter to the office or from a desk to a messy bin. REALLY use your time to CLEAN OUT your stuff. From bookshelves to closests to desk drawers. Not only does this make your space seem larger to potential buyers when it’s showing time but it also makes the packing process much easier when the time comes.

    Getting rid of boxes is also an important step in prepping your home for sale. If your garage or closets (or even office) are filled with messy looking boxes of stuff it’s going to hinder the potential home buyers will be able to picture. Depending on your time I suggest going through the boxes, repacking them neatly then putting them away appropriately – either in an attic or an off site storage unit; or moving them as is. Same goes for any plastic bins – if they aren’t organized and neat- move them elsewhere.

    If you’re a knick knack person now may be a good time to pack away some of those more random, more personal items on your shelves. While they may make your home feel like your home, potential buyers want to be able to picture their lives there. If you plan on giving a good dusting for spring cleaning this makes the whole process easier too!
  • Touch Up Paint
    Not all homes need a full fresh coat of paint before selling, not all sellers want to invest that money either, a little touch up can go a long way. Spring cleaning is a perfect time to do this since you will most likely be dusting off walls and cleaning baseboards and trim anyway.

    Fill any holes or blemishes, touch up behind doors and furniture that leaves marks, cover areas where your toddler got marker happy, areas where shoe scuffs are prominent, all the little areas you see daily and think “I should fix that”- now is the time.

    If a full paint update isn’t what you want to do a great compromise can be to paint your trim. It’s incredible what a fresh coat of paint on the trim can do to freshen up a home. And those dust free baseboard are the perfect surface to paint!
  • Get your Vitamin D
    We’ve talked many times about curb appeal and spring is a great season to focus on it. The outside of your house is the first image potential buyers in Charleston will see when they see your home online or drive up for their showing.

    Spring is a natural time to want to plant flowers, update flower pots and pressure wash and I say yes, yes, yes! Pressure wash drives, patios, brick and siding, freshen flower beds and pots, lay a fresh layer of pine straw or mulch. Little things will go a long way for curb appeal.

Selling your home can feel daunting, but with Front Porch Properties and Staging Charleston on your side you have nothing to worry about! If you’d like to start the ball rolling on listing your home in Charleston, SC or surrounding areas let’s talk!!