Renovating Fixer Upper Brick Ranch Homes For Sale In West Ashley: Here’s How We Did It

With the extreme demand for homes for sale in West Ashley, James Island, and ALL of Charleston SC – fixer uppers can be an awesome way to find a great investment and growing your roots here in Charleston. When renovating an older brick ranch home in Charleston, you always want to maximize the space! Here’s the story of what we did to this West Ashley fixer upper we bought at a foreclosure auction.

Buying And Renovating Foreclosure Homes For Sale In West Ashley, Charleston, SC: Sight Unseen

Step back a year; we bought this house at the foreclosure auction in 2015. And it was a DUMP. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that process, you are not allowed to see the inside until AFTER the purchase! Talk about a roulette. As you can imagine, you are rolling the dice to face all kinds of waste matter, mold, the grossest of the gross — the key to buying a home in foreclosure here in Charleston, SC is you have to keep your eyes on the prize!  Keep your eyes set on the goal of the end product you want to experience: A gorgeous clean home LOADED with market value because you put in the elbow grease to bring this thing back to life!

Making The Most Of Old Fixer Upper Homes For Sale In Charleston, SC: Open Up The Floor Plan!

After we purchased this home for sale in Charleston, SC (sight unseen!) the VERY first thing we did (after cleaning the house) was knock down the wall separating the kitchen and living area (and then the daily need to clean construction debris began!!) Now, keep in mind, this is a pretty small house. 1300+ square feet, so the need to make it more open ASAP was necessary.

Finding Your Diamond In The Rough: Older Brick Ranch Homes For Sale In West Ashley Are Excellent Investment Opportunities

With the Charleston SC real estate market being as competitive as it is with our housing boom — finding older homes for sale in West Ashley and homes for sale in James Island is an awesome way to find a great investment (and a great home!) There’s lots of older brick ranch homes for sale in West Ashley like this one – so the first thing to keep in mind is more walls = more spaces that feel small. Open it up!

Renovating A Charleston Brick Ranch Fixer-Upper: Green Carpet Problems

After opening that space, we were left with half hardwoods and half GREEN carpet. Yay. So – on to the next task at hand, pulling up the green carpet.

After pulling up the fancy green carpet, we had the floors matched to the hardwoods throughout the house. We have done so many more updates since and are still working on the kitchen big time. Even today. Right now! I’ll post some updates soon!!

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