Seller Tips

Learn about comps — Your listing price is key to a quick and successful sell, and Audra wants to make sure you achieve a 96% or higher (list to sell price). She’ll review your neighborhood comps with you and together you’ll price your home appropriately.

Know your bottom line — Many home sells result in negotiations, and it’s important that Audra knows about your bottom figure so that she can help make the right recommendations. Audra will do everything in her power to achieve the most possible.

Make necessary investments — If you are aware of breaks, leaks, cosmetic damages, and other small damages to the home, it can be less costly to fix them before listing the home. This will help the home show better and fewer items will show up during the home inspection (which means less bargaining chips for the buyer). Stage adequately. This is where Audra can help you immensely, because she owns a staging company, Charleston Staging, and knows how to properly set up your home so that it’s pleasing to the buyer’s eyes. From small decorating items like pillows and throws, to setting the ambiance with candles, lights, music, and fans, we’ll make sure your home is 100% desirable.


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