We understand that real estate transactions can be stressful, especially when dealing with agents who use the same techniques that were used decades ago. In order to keep up with today’s market, we operate and think completely outside the box. We pay attention to all the details and our aggressive marketing plan combined with our aggressive agents produces elite results. These three factors make sure our clients are well taken care of and have the best experience possible.

How to Successfully Sell your Home

CharlestonRealEstate_FrontPorchPropertiesAudra Walters’s free home staging services is one of the main differentiating factors between Audra and other firms and agents. She offers home decorating to all her listing clients.

It is Audra’s goal to present your property to as many qualified buyers as possible and in the most professional and appealing way possible. Audra uses state of the art techniques paired with old school ones so all demographics are touched upon. Facebook, Instagram and all social media platforms are used daily to promote your house. She is a member of most neighborhood Facebook’s groups and will post “help me find your next neighbor” flyers in the neighborhood website among all real estate sites. She has network groups all over Charleston so finds homes that are not on the market or MLS yet. Audra also makes a personalized flyer for your home and distributes them to nearby neighborhoods. Audra will get professional pictures to put your home in the “best light” possible, thus drawing in as many people possible. Did you know people decide in 3-5 seconds if they want to view your home in person? Professional, well taken pictures are a MUST!

Audra also uses the old school typical methods as well by placing ads in the Post & Courier and hosting open houses. This typically appeals to the baby boomer generations and people who are casually looking and just are starting the home shopping process.

When you choose Audra Walters to sell your home, you are also choosing to broadcast your home on various other marketing platforms, giving your home the upper hand in the real estate market.

From luxurious Mount Pleasant, South Carolina homes to single family homes in Goose Creek, the real estate market in the tri-county area features a wide range of options for all purchasers from around the country.

With a vast professional portfolio which includes helping clients in their acquisition of investment properties, Audra has also facilitated successful closes of numerous distressed property sales. Working hand-in-hand with buyers and sellers, she has built a solid network of contacts with different local vendors such general contractors, landscapers, attorneys, pest control, and marketing firms. With her vast range of contacts, you can rest assured your every need from beginning to end of sale will be taken care of by the very best in the business.

Why You Should Choose Audra

Excellent Customer Service: Audra will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience in the real estate process, whether you are buying or selling. She will walk you through every step of the process on either side, with professionalism and aggressive selling or buying tactics.

Design and Staging Expert: As a design aficionado, Audra enjoys the staging aspects of selling houses, and is happy to help you decide on a design strategy to best show off your house to potential buyers. She owns Staging Charleston and can get your house looking the absolute best it possibly can with neutral furniture that appeals to all buyers — and we stage for FREE for all our listings.

Eye for Potential: Audra flipped her own house into her dream home so she has a great eye for the potential that a future house could have and is happy to show you just how you can flip a house into your dream home.


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