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On Trend: Rattan Furniture

If you’re from the South you’re no stranger to rattan. Rattan furniture has had a place in Southern Design for decades, but it seems this timeless staple is making a big comeback and we are here for it. 
Why do we love Rattan pieces? Rattan gives off a sense of stylish southern charm that is hard to resist. Furthermore rattan is known to withstand heavy use making it a great item for any place in the home and for all lifestyles and stages.
At Staging Charleston we’ve used rattan in almost all of our home staging projects since the beginning throughout Charleston, SC. These pieces mix so easily with a client’s existing furniture and create a lighter more modern feel in any space. We have long since been asked where people can purchase similar items- the reality was for any affordable price, they couldn’t. 
Rattan is a climbing palm vine that grows on rainforest trees and is harvested in the wild. Harvesters have to travel by boat into the rainforest and often work in dangerous conditions making classifying it as a luxury material. Designer rattan pieces can cost you anywhere between $1,000-$10,000 depending on their age and style (vintage rattan has become very popular as well). As home stagers in the real estate world we saw a gap in the market for reasonably priced high-end furniture.

When we search for furniture and design decor for Staging Charleston we spend time locating the best deals, scooping up second hand items, shopping factory and warehouse sales… not everyone has the time to do this. Front Porch Properties SC and Staging Charleston is excited to bring you Auden & Avery.  Through Auden & Avery we are able to provide beautiful quality furniture and cut out the middleman to bring you on-trend pieces at significantly lower price points.

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