Let’s Take a Dip

We’re taking a quick dip into pool ownership.

With the Summer heat amping up many of those looking to buy a new home in Charleston are considering the idea of a house with a pool… but is it all its cracked up to be? Let’s discuss.

Fenced backyard with small beautiful swimming pool and playground

What we most often get asked is “will having a pool increase the value of my home?”. The short answer is YES. In general terms having a pool does increase your home’s value, especially if the comps in the neighborhood, or area, also have pools and you’re in a warmer climate.

The catch? It’s not a very significant increase in most cases (averaging 5-8%). *Keep in mind this only applies to in-ground pools.

Other points to consider:
– Pools increase homeowner’s liability therefore it is a tad harder to be insured and your cost will go up.
– A pool can add a pleasant aesthetic to an otherwise unattractive backyard, increasing the home’s appeal; on the flip side it can also make a yard feel very small.
– While it can increase your home value it can also make your home less marketable in the long run.
– Cleaning out pool debris, keeping up with chemicals and cleaning the pool filter are all fun tasks that come with being a pool owner.

So where do I land on the pool question? It’s a 50/50 tie. Having a pool doesn’t hurt your home’s value, therefore if it’s a must have item for you and your family I say go for it.

Looking for your perfect home in Charleston… with or without a pool?
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