Is Your Roof up to Santa’s Standards?

Santa is just days away – how will your roof fare for his landing?

Aside from HVAC concerns the roof is always a first go-to question when home buyers in Charleston, S.C are looking at new potential homes.

When was the roof replaced? What condition is it in? Have their been any recent roof leaks?

From a sellers point of view how important is your roof condition when selling your home? Let’s dive in.

First off the roof is part of your home’s exterior. If it is visibly aged, damaged or distressed potential home buyers are going to go in with an immediate concern. In my experience if your roof is to the point where you can obviously SEE it needs repair – make the repairs. That curb appeal affect can make a big difference in getting your full asking price (or above!).

If your roof LOOKS satisfactory to the naked eye you may have a little wiggle room on repairs or replacement. Depending on your inspector’s report, home buyers may try to negotiate your contract to include either a fix of the roof and its issues or a decrease in cost to make up for the cost of repairs or roof replacement. {Insert knowledgable and experienced real estate agent to best negotiate your deal.}

Why would you want to fix your roof before selling your home? Listing a home in Charleston with a defunct roof could result in fewer offers, longer sale process and reduced average offer price.

When weighing the idea of whether to spend the money to fix a roof before placing your house on the market it’s important to consider your finances and overall goal. A new roof in 2022 averages $10,000 – if that’s a cost you can’t afford WAIT. You may get a little less for your home, but you won’t be in financial distress in the meantime. Roof replacement gives you about a 60% return on investment when selling a home. A good agent and a good inspector will represent YOUR best interest and based on your unique situation give you the best guidence.

Looking for some direction? Whether you’re looking to buy in greater Charleston or to sell, I’d love to help you in 2023! Let’s talk!