How to Spruce Up Before Spring Selling

Spring is in the air and the selling season is beginning.

Before you decide to put your house on the market there are a few simple projects you can do that can make a BIG impact on your appeal to homebuyers in the Charleston area.

Curb Appeal: Your yard and entryway is the first thing a potential buyer will notice about your home. While planting new beds, removing trees and adding decorative borders can be pricey a simple clean up can go a long way. From curb appeal, small interior repairs and de-cluttering, small changes can make a big perception shift for those looking to buy their new home.

– Make sure leaves and debris are bagged and picked up before a showing.
– Keep up with your pressure washing, not just your home but also the driveway, porches and sidewalks.
– Keep your lawn mowed regularly during selling and make sure there are no  noticeable weeds (especially in areas around front walkways and patios). 
– Refresh your entryway with a new welcome mat and some nice potted plants. This small detail gives home searchers a good impression before they even enter your house.
– Touch up your front door. Whether it needs a good cleaning, a fresh coat of paint or some new hardware having the front door updated and welcoming can go a long way.  

Small Interior Repairs: While home sellers often get overwhelmed with a list of repairs they feel need to be done it’s important to remember that small tweaks can make all the difference.

– Make sure all light fixtures work properly and have working light bulbs.
– A magic eraser can be your best friend. Wipe down walls and use a magic eraser to remove any scuffs, marks or stubborn dirt on walls. (Don’t forget woodwork and doors!)
– Properly plug any holes in the walls. If you are already beginning to pack, or you’ve just moved things around over the years, holes in walls draw attention. Plug, sand and touch up any holes for a quick refresh.
– Paint. This is something many owners try to avoid but a fresh coat of paint can really go a long way when standing out amongst a crowded selling market.  Whether it’s a small touching up or a full re-paint this plunge can show you decent profit.

De-cluttering: Clutter is all in the eye of the beholder, but when putting your Charleston home on the market always remember less is better.

– Less stuff makes a room feel bigger, and bigger is always better right Clearing out clutter gives buyers the idea they have more options with the space and allows them to better visualize their items in the home. (Plus moving is always a great motivation to clean out those closets!)
– Remove storage bins, boxes and piles of anything. Even though a buyer knows you are moving the perception that you don’t have enough room in your home for all your things can deter interested homebuyers.
– Removing extra stuff from rooms also gives off a cleaner perception. Buyers don’t want to visit a home and feel like things need to be done. A lot of stuff creates a feeling of messiness, which is best to avoid when showing a home.
– You can take de-cluttering a step further by organizing closets, shelves, cabinets and pantries. Seeing clean, neat and organized storage in a home is a great detail many sellers over look.

Feeling overwhelmed before listing your house for sale in the Lowcountry? Reach out! I’d love to help you start creating a homebuyer’s dream with small and affordable updates, and don’t forget our partners at Staging Charleston.