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How Long is Too Long?

It’s hard to ignore all the buzz about the housing market whether you’re searching for your dream home in Charleston or selling one. Discussions about the housing market can make any seller question whether their house “should” have been sold already and for what cost. But how long is truly too long? When should you start to reevaluate your plan?

Let Front Porch Properties help! Currently homes in the greater Charleston, S.C. area are selling on average between 43-70 days on the market (just under 3 months). An old rule of thumb is after six months it is valid to show concern on why the home hasn’t sold. If your home has been on the market over 170 days in Charleston, S.C. I would love to help you reassess a plan that gives you the results you want.

First of all let’s take the actual time out of the picture.
What truly matters is what type of engagement you are getting.

Are you having 5 showings a week or none?
Are you having multiple offers come in below what you are asking?
Are your showings trickling in like watching paint dry?

At Front Porch Properties in Charleston, SC I make sure to ask for feedback on all my client’s showings and discuss any suggestions and thoughts with the buyer’s agents. There is no reason to go blind sighted when you have direct lines to potential buyers in your market.

  • If you’re getting showings and no offers on your home, or repeated low offers, after some time on the market we will look at the feedback from other agents and adjust as a team.
  • If you’ve been listed for a few weeks or more and are not having many showings on your home it’s time for us to look at the big picture. Are the photos portraying the house well? Is your description detailed enough? What more do potential home buyers in Charleston need to want to see your home?

Another factor to consider is the local Charleston selling market at the time and in the area you are selling your home. What are comparable houses doing near you? Where can we come in to stand out above the others while being competitive?

Whether it’s a little sprucing, an agreeable price change, some staging from our staging division, Staging Charleston, or just a quick photo session- it is my goal to get your house sold, quickly and profitably in South Carolina.

Before you get too frustrated lets bring it back to the basics. We will work together with your goals and our expertise to get your house sold. Contact us today!

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