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Give your Green a Facelift on a Budget

How to cost effectively update your yard before selling this spring.
Need to put a little TLC into your curb appeal this spring? While the seller’s market is rampant in Charleston, S.C. a little extra yard love can go a long way in attracting the right home buyers. After spending time and budget on your interior it can be hard to spend on a yard you are leaving behind. Here are a few affordable tips to make your yard stand out in the home market this spring.

1- Conduct general maintenance.
Have limbs falling of trees? Leaves in your gutters? Take a weekend and perform general maintenance tasks for a quick, affordable refresh. Buyers look for the impression your home has been well taken care off as soon as the drive up, this is a great way to start on the right foot.

2- Power washing is your best friend.
Whether you do it yourself or hire a pro power washing your home’s exterior (including shutters, window panes, siding), porch, deck, walk way(s) and drive can make a huge impact in how your home appears giving it the feel of a newer residence with little cost or effort.
*Also remember to pull weeds from any cement seams and cracks!

3- Mow your lawn.
This may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many unmanicured lawns we see at showings. Take the time and give your yard a professional look with a fresh cut before any showings and show those weeds who’s boss. If your yard is lacking after this cold winter you can even use a lawn spray to spruce up your green temporarily! It’s pretty easy to do!

4- Mulch or Pine Needle your beds.
After winter, and all the rain we’ve had in Charleston, your flower and plant beds may look a little more like dirt traps or mud pits. Invest in a little mulch or pine straw to give your beds a quick manicured look. Be sure to emphasize borders as that gives your yard dimension. If adding new flowers for a pop of color seems out of budget just make sure to trim any weathered shrubs and pull up any dead flowers/debris.

5- Potted plants along your entry way.
Potted plants are mobile! While you may be spending a little you get to take these with you. Your entry way and drive is the first thing a potential buyer will see. Matching, nicely arranged, potted plants are a great option to make a buyer feel welcomed and give a fresh facelift to your entry.

*Also a great time to mention to remove any old, cracked or dirty pots anywhere in the front of your home and to trash any dead, sad or wilted plants that may still be lingering. This also includes removing any old watering cans, lawn ornaments, weathered furniture, etc.

Not sure where to start? If you’re considering selling let Front Porch Properties help!