Do’s and Don’ts of Pre-Selling Home Repairs

So you’ve decided to sell your home. Great! Now, if only it were as simple and straightforward as listing your house on the market. 

The truth is, deciding to sell your home is just the first step in a complex mix of financial, physical, and even emotional considerations. So to help you through this whole process, let’s start with one of the most critical ones—how do you spruce up your home to make it more appealing to buyers? 

Do you invest in remodeling your entire home to sell it for a better price? Or is it worth trying to put in the market as is, at the risk of getting overlooked by potential buyers? 

The good news is that full-scale renovations aren’t a prerequisite for selling your home. In my experience, a well-thought-out remodeling project could help you get more money; but you also have to weigh it against the time and effort you’re going to have to put into it. 

That said, it also doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t put some effort into sprucing up your home. So here’s a list of my go-to dos and don’ts to help you prioritize:


  • Check for obvious hazards in and around your home. This can include things like uneven flooring, broken staircases, loose floorboards—anything that could be a trip hazard or something easily noticeable to anyone touring your home.
  • Address all small home repairs around your house. Be sure to fix scratches on doors or torn window screens. Refresh discolored paint or peeling wallpaper as well to make your home more appealing to prospects.
  • Remove lingering pet odors. A lot of homeowners overlook this because they’re so used to having their pets around. 
  • Fix water stains around the house, especially on the ceilings. Buyers assume this is from a roof leak and tend to run from this issue!
  • Changing the old beige outlets to new white ones also gives your home a quick update that can dramatically enhanced the appearance.


  • Invest in partial remodeling projects. Going into remodeling projects halfway as a way to update a space and save money is counterintuitive—especially if you’re focusing on areas like your kitchen or bathrooms. It will only serve to highlight the age of the space. Either invest in a full renovation or be upfront about the fact that the buyer may have to spend to remodel a specific room.
  • Opt to brighten up spaces with trendy and bold colors and decor. Sure it helps make spaces look more eye-catching, but it won’t necessarily make it look more inviting. When you’re trying to sell a home, you want to give the buyers a chance to see themselves in your home. Neutral tones are better for that. A neutral backdrop makes it easier for them to visualize what their own things would look like in your home. 
  • Go overboard on renovations—even if you have the money to do so. It doesn’t matter how much money you put into your new tiles or your landscaping. Buyers will offer only what comparable sales will recommend, and although new landscaping will help with curb appeal and may sell the home faster, it does not add value to the home.

Bottom line? 

Sometimes, a few repairs and upgrades are all it takes to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. A good realtor who knows the area and is familiar with the ins and outs of the local market should easily be able to guide you through this process. 

If you’re currently looking to put your house in the market, I’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss what I can do to help. Leave a message or get in touch with me today.