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Curb Appeal Ideas On a Budget

First impressions matter—and this fact is even more relevant when it comes to real estate. How your property looks to prospective buyers as they walk up from the sidewalk to the curb makes a huge impression. What your exterior presents in photos can make the difference between a homebuyer exploring further or moving on to the next house.  Home buyers make a decision within the first 3 seconds of looking at photos if they will continue looking at more photos, which then possibly leads to a showing. Curb appeal is a huge factor on whether a home buyer will look past the 3 seconds!

When it comes to maximizing your home’s curb appeal, it certainly pays to invest in it. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t always have to involve a full-scale landscaping job. There are a lot of things you can do to make your exteriors more attractive even if you’re working with a limited budget.

Here are some ideas worth trying–

1. Keep it clean

Put the same effort that you’re putting into tidying up your interiors for your home’s exterior. Put away any gardening tools that you could have lying around and give it a thorough wash. If you have a pressure washer, use it to clean your driveways, walkways, trims, and sidings. You’d be surprised at how much grime can gather on your home’s exterior and the difference a thorough power wash can make. Be careful though; pressure washing could cause permanent damage to your home’s siding or even break windows, or foliage. If you have the option to do so, get professionals to help you with it. Get a soft pressure wash, which many companies are offering now.

Put the same effort that you’re putting into tidying up your interiors for your home’s exterior.

2. Add functional accents

A small but much-appreciated change that you can do to boost curb appeal is to replace your basic house numbers for a more creative and stylish option. Try getting a custom made set to highlight the distinctiveness of your property. Be sure to select one that complements the overall exterior aesthetic and architectural style to create an eye-catching impression. Other options include updating your mailbox or adding door hardware that highlights the exterior aesthetic of your home.

3. Decorate with plants

Plants add character and color to your entryways. I recommend using seasonal blooms and arranging them neatly to lead up to your doorway, so you create a warm welcome for prospects. It’s also a great and easy way to define a clear front path, which homebuyers are very particular about.

4. Freshen up exteriors with a coat of paint

Remember, people are often put off when a space has too many points of interest—it tends to make spaces feel cramped, cluttered, and confusing. Since you’re already trying to focus on defining open, neutral spaces inside, be sure to make the same improvements outside—down to the color choices you make. Coordinating colors shows that your home is well cared for, especially when you’re trying to showcase your home through photographs.

I always advise my clients to paint their interiors a neutral shade so that prospective homebuyers can walk into your home and see a blank canvas and easily see themselves in your home. The same can be said for exteriors.

Budget permitting, it would be great if you could freshen up your entire home’s exterior by getting it painted. Otherwise, I suggest prioritizing your front door, porch ceiling, or shutters. In terms of color, creamy whites such as Chantilly Lace or China White are great options. Add depth with some light contrast using soft gray tones like Repose Grey or Agreeable Grey.

5. Dedicate budget for significant updates and repairs

Depending on how your home is designed, you could allocate budget to specific repairs so you can maximize its potential impact on homebuyers. For example, if your garage faces the front, replacing your garage doors can go a long way towards making your house look updated and well-maintained. If you have a porch, a new outdoor furniture set dressed up with pillows, throws, and planters can give your outdoor area unique appeal.

If your garage faces the front, replacing your garage doors can go a long way towards making your house look updated and well-maintained

Your home’s curb appeal matters because it sets expectations of your prospects. A great exterior means they’re more inclined to see what’s inside. And while it may sometimes feel like it’s not as exciting as redecorating a kitchen or living room, in a lot of cases, it’s even more critical. Exteriors should wow prospective homebuyers—and regardless of what your budget is, there are a lot of things you can do to improve it.