A spa-like bathroom will change your mornings/evenings!

Are you dreaming of a master bath with amenities on par with those at your favorite spa? Have you ever had a rough day at work or an extremely difficult workout and just wanted to relax? My new listing in Shadowmoss has the MOST amazing bathroom!! There is a claw foot tub that is screaming to be relaxed it. Just add some epsom salt and maybe grab a glass of wine and just lay there is heaven.

The master bath is the perfect extension to the master bedroom. It’s the place to start your day, and unwind later in the evening. From those early Monday mornings getting ready at infront of the mirror, to those lazy Sunday nights soaking in a tub, the master bath becomes a source of balance and calm — and that is why I am showcasing my newest listing in Shadowmoss!!




Elegant Symmetry

Centered in a large window, this free standing tub in this beautiful master bath is as sculptural as it is inviting!!

Serenity Now

With a principal of tranquility for this master bathroom design,  the open layout creates a flexible, curated quality for the space. The focal point of this linear, rectangular room is a freestanding claw foot bathtub; its sleek curvature and monolithic form create a sculptural vista seen immediately upon entering the room.  The neutral palette further simplifies  the environment.

The shower is huge and has wonderful gray marble on the walls. This bathroom is just beautiful and is a MUST SEE for anyone house shopping.