5 Things Realtors Really Wish Sellers Knew

If you want to be on top of your home-selling game, it takes more than just finding the perfect real estate agent. There are some things that, as a seller, you should prepare for before contacting an agent to sell to save some pain and awkward conversations down the road. So here are five things that agents wish that sellers knew about selling a home:

#1: Don’t be secretive with your agent.

You must be honest about everything within the home with your agent. Things like broken appliances, leaky faucets and any form of damage to the home needs to be disclosed to the agent right away. Keeping these hidden from your agent will make your home harder to sell. Your agent is on your side and must be aware of things that might hinder transactions further on.

#2: Your home décor might not be right for selling.

Your home is your home. It has your personalized things and your cherished memories. To make your décor perfect to help you sell your home, you must make sure it is decorated in a way that a buyer could picture themselves making those similar cherished memories in this new home. Using the concept of “less is more” is one of the best ways to make your home ready for a new occupant. Too much décor or clutter can make a home feel cramped and doesn’t let the potential buyer picture their lives there.

#3: Don’t overprice your house!

If you overprice your home, it is likely a buyer won’t notice, but you can believe that their buyer’s agent will. Many times when a home is overpriced a buyer’s agent will either avoid bringing their clients or use the overpriced home as an example to help them sell another property such as comparing the overpriced house to one that is more reasonably priced and just as nice.

#4: Have patience.

You may have thought that your gorgeous home would be off the market the moment it hit, but according to Realtor.com, houses sit on the market for an average 66 days. The real estate process is a long one, so don’t expect to have your house sold right away. From showings to inspections and negotiations, there are many things that need to be done before a home is sold.

#5: Selling your home isn’t a sideline sport.

Selling a home is a team effort. Everyone involved must give 100%. Just because you hire an agent doesn’t mean that they do all the work for you. If you can keep your home clean and neat during showings, your agent can be focused on selling your home for what you ask. Your agent is an asset to you and can only give what they get in return. Make sure when you want to list your home that you are bringing your effort and enthusiasm.

Selling a home takes a team. If you are planning on selling your home in the future, these are just a few things that you should keep in mind. Agents can only work with what you give them. So make sure you are dedicated and enthusiastic about selling your home, and that will make it easier!

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