By Audra Walters

Putting a Modern Twist On Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is a statement piece in its own right. It stands alone and gives a home character in a way that a basic white wall—while classic—isn’t able to. They’re perfect in their imperfection, visually appealing, as well as practical and durable. The fact that bare brick is having a big fashion moment now (thanks […]

By Audra Walters

How Practical Are Solar Powered Homes In South Carolina?

How practical are solar powered Homes in South Carolina? I’ve been asked this question quite often in recent years. Let’s start with the statistics—there are about 90 million single-family homes in the US. Among those, there are around 2 million solar powered homes. I know 2 million out of 90 may not seem like a […]

By Audra Walters

Homes for Sale in Charleston SC Highlight Outdoor Living Spaces

There’s always been a strong focus on homes being a personal retreat. Often, I come across interested buyers looking for homes for sale in Charleston SC that focus on privacy. They prioritize spaces designed for comfort and solitude; and put a lot of premium on houses that carve out opportunities for quiet relaxation.